Our Bird Aviary

We are proud the have the largest bird aviary in Long Island. We have hundreds of birds you can hold, feed and enjoy landing on your hand. Enjoy this short video that shows all about the Aviary

Enjoy. You can see a lot more videos of our farm, just click the green link to go to our Youtube Channel

A little Girls dream

Make your girl’s Birthday a dream

birthday party - girl

How to make sure your Girls birthday is a success 

For your little girl, her birthday is a dream, the better it is the better that memory will be. Now it’s in your hands to make it work. Forget about all the other themes that never work or the over priced venues that offer a cake and an old clown, they never work and everyone leaves with a bad memory. And don’t even try this at home, boy, will you run into a headache. just thinking, preparing organizing, buying, calling, running…..wow, i get tired just from writing it. Don’t even bother, it’s not worth your life…..

I tried a few years ago to plan a birthday party for my 5 year old girl, she wanted something different, something that everyone will remember. That cost me my health and almost a divorce after my husband got a $4000 bill, yes $4000. Fancy cake, balloons to cover the room, party favors, food, drinks, clown, cleaning after the party, it was a mess, I needed a vacation after just to get my energy back, and i’m not even kidding. And what did i get besides the headache….? a regular party and a little girl without a smile….

after that, I said “no more” – next year i’m finding the perfect place. Luckily I found White Post Farms and this year the party was a blast!!!

From the second we arrived till the end I was worry free, everything was taken care off perfectly with no hassles, the kids had a bomb, my girl was in seven’s heaven and my husband was happy with the low bill. Everyone was happy, even the guests were raving after for months. It was a great success. Now I’m not going to board you with a long page of what we did, what was there and how the whole thing happen, simply watch this short video and you’ll get the idea


Don’t do the mistake i did, it’s not worth it. Let the amazing crew of White post farms take care of everything. It was the best experience I ever had, and the best part of it, besides that my daughter was on top of the world, at the end we simple took the presents and left ALL the mess behind…..no cleaning, no mopping, no damaged floors and walls and all that stuff that is usually left behind a kids party. So for your next birthday all you have to do instead of going crazy is simple call 516 628 6867 you’ll get a friendly voice on the other line that will provide you with great service and will attend all your concerns and will answer all your questions. If you need to see more about the farm you can check out this Youtube Channel there are dozens of amazing videos that show all about the animal farm, the birthday party activities and much more.

Another amazing detail is that the farm is located right in the center of Long Island in Melville. You can click this link to see the exact location and it is very easy to find and very convenient to your friends, family and guests to come. There is free parking and right of the major highways.

birthday ballons

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